Is your company experiencing a problem with employee theft?

Did you know?? The National Retail Association found that employees who steal from their employers, average $1,890.00 in theft vs. shoplifters who average $438.00 Losses due to employee theft can take many forms. Missing or shorted deposits Inventory shortages Till theft Data theft Theft of services Billing or payroll schemes (ghost employees) Expense reimbursement schemes […]

Due Diligence

In business and our personal lives, due diligence generally means reasonable care and caution, or proper action called for in a specific instance, especially those that help prevent harm or risk.   Due diligence could be exercised when evaluating whether to get involved with a potential business partner.  Checking out a potential business partner/company for […]

How can I defend against fraudulent insurance claims?

According to a report by the FBI the total cost of insurance fraud (not including health insurance) is estimated to be $40 billion per year.  Some estimate that figure to be closer to $80 billion per year. Regardless, that is quite a sum.  With economic conditions as they are, fraud against insurers could further increase. […]

How beneficial is it to hire a private investigator to interview witnesses in a case?

Do you have a case that requires locating and documenting potential witness testimony? What about getting crucial witnesses served with legal process, subpoenas etc.? Witnesses can be crucial in any given case but they can sometimes be difficult to locate, and they may be reluctant to talk.   Locating and interviewing witnesses in any case […]