Can a private investigator help if I suspect infidelity or if I am involved in a child custody matter?

Many good people end up in situations that require the assistance of a private investigator.

Divorce, Child custody or suspicion of infidelity, are areas in which employing a private investigator can be instrumental in getting the answers you need in order to make life changing decisions.

An investigation might involve documenting suspected infidelity, determining if a custodial parent, caretaker or guardian is participating in activities that could potentially endanger a child, or involve a child being in an environment that could have a negative impact in their lives.

Proving infidelity in a marriage is not necessary for filing a divorce action.  However, most people who find themselves in this situation want to know if a spouse or significant other is cheating so they can make an informed decision regarding their next steps.

That is where a private investigator can assist, by documenting the activities of a spouse or partner.

Is he or she where they say they are going to be?  Are they with who they say they are going to be with?

Many times, these questions can be answered through surveillance activities.

In the state of Oklahoma GPS tracking is not an option for monitoring a spouse or significant other.  It is considered stalking to do so.  As a result, surveillance is necessary to get the needed answers.

In addition to cases of infidelity, child custody cases often require the documentation of a custodial parent’s activities.

Some of the questions asked in these types of cases are:

  • Is he/she participating in activities that could place the child in their care in harm’s way.
  • Is he/she honoring an agreement regarding first right of refusal?
  • Is the custodial parent allowing individuals around the child that have questionable backgrounds/intentions?
  • Who is caring for the child when the custodial parent is not present?
  • Is the custodial parent cohabitating with someone else?

Investigators can also help get answers in divorce cases.

Investigators can help with conducting background investigations, and potentially locating and documenting previous instances of criminal activity or spousal abuse.

They can assist with identifying, locating and possibly interviewing witnesses.

They can potentially assist with locating hidden assets or other places of residence.

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