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One of the Largest divorce cases in U.S. History

Terry Laflin was retained to assist in an $18 billion divorce case involving a publicly traded company, which was widely reported in the national media. This resulted in an over one billion-dollar settlement to the client.

The Copper Caper.

Laflin Investigative Group was retained by a company to investigate the theft of copper valued in excess of $200,000. We identified those involved, tracked down where the copper went, and prepared the case for presentation to the District Attorney’s Office.

Case of the traveling computer thief.

We were retained to investigate the theft of computers from a national employment company that contained extremely sensitive client data.

The employee in this case was bringing in a suitcase on wheels, and carrying out computers concealed inside.

Laflin conducted surveillance on the employee, after he was confronted by his employer, and videoed him removing the stolen computers from his home, and concealing in the home of a family member.

Laflin maintained surveillance all night to make sure the computers did not leave the home. Surveillance was further maintained while Laflin worked with law enforcement in an effort to facilitate the recovery of the computers.

All of the computers were recovered, the suspect was charged, and the client was saved untold headaches and potential civil claims.

Long Lost Friend

A client called Laflin from another state and requested that he conduct surveillance on her husband, whom she suspected was meeting an old girlfriend at a hotel in Tulsa.

Laflin identified the husband’s room and determined that he was accompanied by a female. Their room was at the end of the hall and no other rooms were available on that floor from which to conduct surveillance and obtain video.

In order to adapt to the environment, Laflin and his team concealed a digital motion activated camera at the end of the hall. When the pair returned to the room, they were facing the video camera, which allowed for a clear shot of the two embracing as they went into the hotel room together.

International Intelligence

When a world-renowned entertainer was to begin the U.S. portion of his global tour, Laflin was called to investigate potential threats made by a person in the U.S. ahead of the star’s arrival from South America. The individual was located, surveillance was conducted and vital information was provided to the security detail and advance team.

A Matter of Probate

We are often called upon to assist in probate matters, whether to locate heirs to an estate or to locate and/or secure property belonging to an estate or to photograph property left in an estate.

In this case, an attorney from Prague Czech Republic arrived in the U.S. to meet with the heir of an estate from that country with whom she had lost contact. She was unable to locate the heir and needed current information in order to make contact.

This attorney made inquiry at the courthouse as to what investigator to call. She was referred to our office and within 24 hours, Laflin had located, made contact with the heir, and transported the heir to a meeting with the attorney so that the administration of the estate could occur in compliance with the Hague Convention.