Hiring a private investigator for surveillance

There are a number of reasons why you may need to hire a private investigator to perform surveillance activities.

Surveillance can often produce needed answers in a case that cannot be found any other way or may augment information already obtained.

Some examples of instances in which surveillance can be helpful might be:

  1. Divorce or infidelity.
    Do you suspect your spouse or significant other of being unfaithful?
    If you have reason to suspect infidelity, chances are you are your suspicions are correct.
    There have been a few times in my career as an investigator where the client’s suspicions were not verified, but by and large if a client suspects something is amiss, they have a legitimate reason for concern.

    It pays to discuss your suspicions with an investigator in an effort to determine if surveillance is justified.  Oklahoma is a no-fault divorce state.  Proving infidelity is not required in a divorce case but most clients want to verify their suspicions before making a life changing decision such as filing for a divorce, legal separation and child custody issues.

    Documenting cases of infidelity can sometimes hold value in trying to salvage a relationship or providing some level of leverage in a divorce case.  Often times, spouses/partners do not want their questionable activities potentially known to others or otherwise brought up in court pleadings or hearings.

    A private investigator can help take the emotions out of the equation by providing independent third-party verification.

    I have had clients who have tried to be their own surveillance investigator.  This usually does not turn out well and makes later verification difficult to obtain.  In some cases, such activity on the part of the client can result in claims of stalking or harassment.  It is best to let a professional investigator do the work for you.

  2. Child custody or the safety/well-being of a child.
    Cases involving child custody or attempting to remove a child from a potentially harmful situation or environment can often require additional proof beyond what a custodial parent can provide.  Independent verification is needed in these cases.

    Surveillance becomes necessary to document if the child is being exposed to an environment such as;
    • Potential drug usage around the child by another custodial parent.
    • A child being around an individual that is of questionable character due to their criminal history, substance abuse or domestic violence.
    • A child being around an individual that is of questionable character due to their criminal history, substance abuse or domestic violence.
    • A child is being exposed to overnight visits in the presence of another in violation of a court order.
    • The first right of refusal is not being honored as it relates to child visitation.
    • Or maybe you just want to know where the child is being dropped and with whom for childcare.

Regardless of the circumstances, surveillance can prove to be beneficial when you need such answers.

Surveillance of the elderly.

The seniors in our families are the most loved but yet also the most vulnerable.
Sometimes keeping check on their activities is necessary to keep them from potential harm.

We once worked a case where a senior who was perfectly capable of caring for himself, was making some poor decisions that could have put him in harms way.  The family asked that I conduct surveillance in order to determine who was accompanying him to various places in an effort to determine the threat they potentially posed to him.

It was discovered that there were females believed to be drug addicts coming around, possibly thinking that they were going to get money from him.  With the information obtained the family was able to address the issue in an effort to protect their family member.

Surveillance solutions may also be needed for in home health care situations.  Are the family members getting the appropriate level of care?  Or is theft occurring from the home.  Hidden camera solutions may be helpful in these situations.

Surveillance for employers.

Do you have a situation where you suspect workers compensation fraud?
How about malingering?  A situation where an employee is feigning illness to avoid work.
Or other issues concerning employees where surveillance could reveal the truth?

Fraud and lost productivity can be major issues that affect a company’s bottom line.
Surveillance can reveal the truth about these and other issues by showing the actual activities on the part of the employee which may be contrary to claimed work restrictions or limitations.

Maybe you have a former employee who is soliciting your clients in violation of a non-compete agreement.   Surveillance can be useful in determining if this is the case.  Documentation is essential in enforcing such agreements.

Employee theft can also be a major problem.  Surveillance can be helpful in getting to the bottom of the matter.  Sometimes the answer is in person surveillance.  Sometimes surveillance technology can be the answer or a combination of both.

Surveillance for insurance companies.

Insurance companies can benefit from surveillance preformed by a private investigator to help in documenting a person’s activities in an automobile injury claim, workers compensation claim, personal injury claims, health care fraud and disability claims.

Private investigators can be more cost effective in getting the needed answers in a case.  This is especially true for companies who may not employee in-house investigators in the area surveillance is needed.

Surveillance for attorneys.

Attorneys may need to employ the services of a private investigator in case with great exposure for their client.  They might need surveillance conducted in an effort to prove or disprove a claimant’s allegations.
In any case, a private investigator is a tool that is available for firms and their clients.

Surveillance for difficult to serve civil process.

An investigator can help determine if a person is actually living at a given address and conduct surveillance in order to serve court pleadings on an individual who is avoiding service.

Sometimes an investigator has to become quite creative in these case in order to achieve the desired goal.  We will go that step further in order to get the job done.

Whether a personal matter for a private client, an employee related matter for a corporation, a insurance related matter or a legal matter for a law firm needing answers for a client a private investigator can be a useful asset to your case.

Give us a call if you think we may be able to assist you in your case.