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" We have the expertise to conduct sensitive witness interviews in most any case. "

Internal Theft/Fraud

If your company is experiencing losses due to theft, whether the actions of employees or unknown suspects not associated with your company, we have the experience and the resources to document the theft for insurance and prosecutorial purposes, conduct suspect and/or witness interviews and to recover assets.

We also have the expertise to assist law enforcement officials in the prosecution of suspects if necessary. In many cases, we prepare the case in chief for law enforcement in order to speed up the legal process.

Due Dilligence

When you want to know the facts before entering into a business deal or partnership or just to prevent unnecessary harm to either party involved in a transaction, investment or sale, let our investigators check out the facts on the other party so you can make an informed decision.

Industrial Espionage

Do you suspect a current or former employee of stealing company information or trade secrets? Do you suspect a rival company of gaining access to customer/vendor information or inventory? Are they utilizing intellectual property developed by or belonging to your company? Let us do the investigative research utilizing innovative solutions to get the information necessary for your company to protect its most valuable assets.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

In these current economic times, insurance fraud is prevalent in our society. When you want to know if the claims alleged are true or if you want to know the specific limitations of a claimant, we have the surveillance experts available to get the answers you need. We document all claimant activity on video and provide video on DVD for easy review in your office or in the courtroom. We provide support for legal counsel, adjustors and special investigation units. We are experienced in court room testimony and providing sworn testimony in depositions.

Asset Searches

Are you trying to identify assets in order to collect on a judgment? We are ready to utilize all of our resources to locate and identify assets that you may be entitled to in order to satisfy a debt.

Computer and Cell Phone Data Recovery

In this computerized age, practically everyone utilizes a computer or cell phone to store records, send e-mails, store photographic images, conduct purchases and transactions. Let our computer personnel recover forensic data from your computer or cell phone, including deleted files and information recoverable from non allocated space to get the information you need. Whether you are needing information on employees, spouses, or business partners we can help.

Witness Locates

Whether you are needing to locate a potential witness to determine what information they may possess about a particular case or if you need a witness located, interviewed or subpoenaed, we have the resources available to locate witnesses almost anywhere in the world. We subscribe to a number of national and international databases in order to provide you with up to date information.

Background Investigations

If you need to verify information for employment, or check the background of a potential spouse or mate, we have the resources available to do just that. We can also check the background of potential witnesses or suspects in a case, as this may be important for establishing the credibility of a witness. Let us put our information and resources to work for you.

Divorce/Child Custody/Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect infidelity or are you involved in child custody litigation. Many good people find themselves in situations that they had never dreamed of, such as a divorce action or a situation involving an unfaithful mate. We have the personnel and experience to gather the facts necessary to give you and your attorney the edge you need in the courtroom. Even if you are not seeking a divorce or other legal action we can provide answers so you can make important decisions regarding your relationship.

Why litigate a matter if you don’t have to and if you do find yourself in that situation, you will need all the information possible for the successful resolution of your case. Let our common sense investigative approach work for you to the get the answers you need and save you money.

We have the resources and experience to gather all of the pertinent facts in order to put you in the best possible position in court or in negotiations. We will guide you through the process with compassion and a genuine interest in the outcome of your case.


We conduct surveillance for all types of investigations and have the experience necessary to produce results when others may not. We document activity on video and also provide video on DVD for easy review. Whether related to a workers comp issue, personal injury, domestic, employee misconduct or any other issue we have years of experience to put to work for you.

GPS Tracking

We have the latest GPS tracking equipment available to assist in all types of investigations. Some restrictions may exist. Call for a consultation and quote.

Security Consulting

Is your company concerned with employee safety or looking to tighten current security measures to prevent theft or sabatoge. Call us for a consultation. Being proactive can often reduce potential liability, save money and prevent problems before they occur. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Security Services

We are a licensed security agency employing off duty police officers. We have plain clothes or uniformed officers available for most any need from employee terminations and executive protection to site/asset protection. We can provide certificates of insurance upon requested.

Process Serving

We have a network of licensed process servers available nationwide to assist with any litigation needs. We also subscribe to many informational databases to assist in locating individuals and companies for service of legal process.